Summer Class 2023

We have an amazing opportunity for all those who want to expand their knowledge - our short summer classes! Despite being held at the same location, these classes offer a unique format compared to our regular workshops. Taking place during the weekdays, they provide a deeper exploration of specific subjects. While the duration may vary, typically each session lasts only one to two hours. However, some sessions are progressive, meaning they will build upon the previous ones. Usually consisting of just four sessions, these classes are packed with enjoyable and educational content. What's more, you'll always leave with more knowledge and value than what you initially brought in!

2023 Summer Classes

Oscilloscope is a device used for measuring and analyzing electric signals. It is an essential tool in electronics and telecommunications fields. In this presentation, Bill Werzner and Tom Taylor thoroughly explain the basics of oscilloscope usage and measurements. They cover important topics such as signal waveform, voltage measurements, frequency analysis, and time base adjustments. With their expertise and practical examples, Werzner and Taylor simplify complex concepts and make them accessible to both beginners and experienced professionals. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of oscilloscope functionality and how to make accurate measurements. Join us for this informative session and elevate your knowledge in the world of oscilloscopes and measurements.

We have scheduled a series of four Wednesday classes at the Electronic Parts Outlet (EPO) located at 3753 Fondren Road, Houston, TX 77063. These classes will start on July 5 and continue on July 12, 19, and 26. The class time will begin at 10 AM and end at 2 PM, with a break for lunch in between. During the classes, you have the option to bring a snack for noon or enjoy the provided lunch items, coffee, and drinks. Our instructors are experts in the field, with extensive background experience in electronics. One instructor is a retiree from NASA and the other is a retiree from Shell Chemical. Please come prepared with writing materials and feel free to take photographs or record the class material if you wish. We will also provide study materials for you to take home, which include problems related to the class for you to solve at your convenience. You can return these materials during the next class for discussion and feedback. Due to popular demand, we are bringing back these classes at EPO, where they have been successfully held in previous years. Each class will have a fee of $17.00 per student, payable on site. Please note that the class size is limited to twelve students due to seating constraints, so we kindly ask you to sign up by Wednesday, June 28 and indicate which classes you plan to attend. To reserve your seat for the desired classes, please fill out the signup form. We welcome attendees aged 12 and older!


CLASS 1  July 5Electronic symbols, fundamental mathematical operations, component recognition, proper utilization of basic testing apparatus, .  Electronic symbols, basic math, component identification, fundamental test equipment utilization and application,

Discovering and examining schematic diagrams, vacuum tubes, and transistors while utilizing various tools and setting up a workbench. Learning about the fundamentals of batteries, both simple and complex, as well as understanding the functions of transformers in audio and power systems. Gaining knowledge about AC and DC power, and comprehending the basics of wiring and safety precautions. Exploring the historical rivalry between Edison and Westinghouse, and delving into Nikola Tesla's significant contributions to the field. Plus much more!

CLASS 2 July 12.  Enhancing Your Understanding of Electronic Circuits Are you looking to expand your knowledge of electronic circuits? Gain a deeper understanding of power sources, both primary and secondary batteries, and learn how to accurately measure current drain and voltage. Dive into the world of resistance testing, coils, and capacitors. Additionally, learn about circuit modifications to cater to new components and explore the considerations involved in mounting and soldering. Expand your understanding of power supplies, including full wave and half wave configurations. Discover the intricacies of series and parallel circuits. And that's just the beginning!

CLASS 3 JULY 19. HTML Markup: Oscilloscope basics how they operate. Testing and troubleshooting a vintage scope, basic oscilloscope schematic, single and dual trace oscilloscopes. Trouble shooting audio amplifier and radio circuits with an oscilloscope, interpreting signal traces, sine and square wave generators, types and uses of test probes. Audio and RF signal generators as troubleshooting tools.

CLASS 4 on July 26th. Final session of the series. Come with your projects, test equipment, and diagrams for analysis. We will be delving into topics such as solid-state circuitry, transistors, diodes, the Zener effect, and integrated circuits. Additionally, we will be discussing voltage multiplier and divider circuits, as well as offering advice on purchasing and restoring equipment.


Arduino Classes - Hosted by Caz Bowyer� Arduino Workshops - Facilitated by Caz Bowyer

In order to participate in the Arduino Uno micro-controller classes, a *Windows laptop* is necessary for coding (C++) the Arduino. The arduino IDE Software can be downloaded in advance from here: In order to participate in the Arduino Uno micro-controller classes, a *Windows laptop* is necessary for coding (C++) the Arduino. The arduino IDE Software can be downloaded in advance from here:

First Session - July 6thThe primary focus of this session will center around configuring the software and settings to facilitate seamless Arduino coding and input handling. Please note that this particular course caters to individuals with limited experience in the field.

Session 2 - July 13 The upcoming course will serve as a follow-up to the introductory class, aimed at familiarizing participants with fundamental hardware and programming concepts, as well as placing emphasis on motor control. The HTML markup will be preserved.

Session 3 - July 20There will be an advanced-level course for individuals who possess a fundamental knowledge of Arduino and aspire to delve deeper into the creation of entertaining projects integrating real-time clocks.

Session 4  - July 27There will be an upcoming advanced class specifically designed for individuals who have a foundational knowledge of Arduino and are eager to expand their skills by creating exciting projects related to temperature and humidity measurements.

*This class mandates a *Windows laptop* (it is acceptable to bring an Apple Laptop with pre-configured software, although the instructor may not be able to assist with the setup process). The cost of this class is $10 per individual if registered before July 1st, and the total cost of parts bought separately from the store is less than $80 (the instructor will provide guidance on which parts to purchase prior to each class). If you have a group that you would like to enroll, kindly reach out to Chris for group rates and further information.


Introducing Soldering Classes by Eric Patterson Experience the Best Soldering Classes by Eric Patterson

Session 1 - July 7th "Flux and Solder compositions: an introductory guide" offers a comprehensive introduction to the concepts of Flux and Solder compositions. This guide provides valuable insights and information on these crucial elements used in various applications and industries. By delving into the specifics, readers will gain a deeper understanding of the properties, functions, and applications of Flux and Solder compositions. With its easy-to-follow presentation and clear explanations, this guide serves as an essential resource for anyone seeking to enhance their knowledge in this field.

Session 2 - July 14th This article discusses the issue of cracked joints and through-hole joints.

Session 3 - July 21st The article illustrates different tips and techniques for performing desoldering.

Session 4 - July 28th The workshop will cover the topic of surface mount devices (SMD) as well as hot-air guns.



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